Who should we take on our camping trip to the local bush?

First, we need a birdwatcher to hop in the bird hide and spot the 22 bird and animals on the mural backdrop of the Illawarra escarpment.

And a researcher to study the activity of the native quolls.

We need a bushwalker to identify animals by their scat (poo!), tracks and calls

And a camper to set up the fire, cook up some tea and tell some scary stories.

This is going to be the best camping trip ever.

Ready? Let’s go!

Learn through play

Children will learn about quolls are and why we should protect them.

They will collaborate with others as we share in the cooking or spotting the different animals within the mural.

Children will learn to recognise different animals by their calls, tracks and scats.

This experience will also build awareness of how to care for wildlife and become a citizen scientist.

Backed by research

We have partnered with academics from UOW School of Biological Sciences and Team Quoll to help visitors learn all about quolls and why we should protect them. By working together, we have ensured the experience is an authentic representation of the research currently taking place in the nearby bushlands.

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