Early Start Discovery Space is a not for profit operation and relies on generous funding partners to help build innovative exhibits, deliver unique and educational programming, reach audiences in target communities and support our mission of the power of play!

The Early Start Discovery Space is operated and proudly supported by the University of Wollongong and has been built with a generous $7 million donation by philanthropist Christopher Abbott, Director of the Abbott Foundation. The Abbott Foundation was created in 2009 by the venture capitalist with the aim of providing learning opportunities for young children. Mr Abbott has a great passion for raising aspirations for young children and his generous donation has made our mission of sharing the power of play possible.
All contributions great and small help us continue to excite potential and inspire a life-long love of learning for all children.

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When it comes to charitable donations I limit myself to causes related to young children. Education gets about 8 per cent from charity donations, which is tiny. It needs more because it’s the most important, especially in the early years. My vision for the Discovery Space is to create an environment for children to thrive, grow, create and interact … to become part of society. We want children to feel at home, to feel safe and to have fun.

Christopher Abbot AM, The Abbott Foundation

I have been able to share my passion for comics by donating to the Discovery Space so they can purchase reading materials and deliver unique workshops. When I was a child I learned the values of honesty, perseverance, courage and self-sacrifice through reading Spiderman, Superman and Batman comics, and I am glad other children will have that opportunity too.

Graham Lancaster, Owner, Lancaster Law and Mediation 

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