We’re looking for the next master builder!

Build from any angle with tables for city scape building, a floor-to-ceiling brick plate to leave your mark and flexible block tape so you can take your creations off the table and out of this world!

When you’re finished building your masterpiece, you can proudly place it on the rocket display shelf for all to see.

Then why not put your movie making skills to the test and create your very own stop-motion animation.

Learn through play

This experience stimulates creativity and imagination. The  open-ended style of play provides no limitations, no right or wrong and no fear of failure.

Backed by research

Not all screens are created equal!

Researchers from the Play, Pedagogy and Curriculum theme at Early Start have found that meaningful digital play – like the movie-making app found in Bricks & Clicks – develops the complex relationship between on-screen and off screen play.

The best apps place the power with the child, letting them make choices and play without extrinsic motivation.

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