Thousands of people come to visit the Discovery Space each year, but there are many families in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia that don’t get that opportunity.

By partnering with 45 early childhood education and care centres in regional, rural and remote areas, Early Start is working to enrich the quality and support services of these centres and to bring the fun of the Discovery Space to them.

Two ways we support our Engagement Centres

  1. Evidence-based professional development and mentoring for the educators and leadership teams
  2. Virtual excursions, where the children get to experience the Discovery Space from their centre.

We use our knowledge, facilities and people to connect to regional, rural and remote communities.

The majority of centres we support are facing multiple community challenges and are located in low SES areas. Through our work we are helping communities that need it the most.

Research = Experiences

Play is one of the most powerful ways to learn. That’s why all our experiences are informed by early childhood researchers from UOW.