1. Dress-up and role-play a variety of emergency workers
  2. Use real life equipment to learn about home fire safety
  3. Scan your finger at the Police Station to see your fingerprint up close
  4. See how quickly water can rise in floods and learn the phonetic alphabet at the SES station
  5. Climb inside the ambulance, practice your bandaging technique or lie down on the stretcher bed

Little ones will be intrigued by the lights and sounds, and have fun exploring. Young ones will enjoy dressing up and role-playing. Older children will learn the different safety messages and understand their importance. Adults (we haven’t forgotten you) can enjoy playing with your children and be taken on the imaginative journey, while picking up practical tips to keep your family safe

Learn through play

Allowing children and adults to role-play as these vital members of our community and learn how to stay safe in an emergency. The Experience aims to build confidence in children if they need to make a triple zero call and to not be afraid of the emergency services. Children will have to learn to share and take turns in the different areas.

Backed by research

Built in consultation directly with emergency services, the true-to-life Experience focuses on immersing children through play, while still delivering important emergency messages.


The Bakery

With a rolling pin and baking tray in hand, specialty treats are always on the menu in The Bakery!

Circle Garden

Skip, jump and hop through climbing structures, secret gardens, a mud kitchen, wharf and sand pits to create, innovate and imagine!

The Pod

Children’s creativity and curiosity are ignited in The Pod, a place where digital connections and access to loose parts encourages children to design their own environment and explore possibilities!

The Sanctuary

Stimulate your touch, sight, smell and other senses, in our sensory room

Emergency! Emergency!

Police, Fire, Ambulance, SES – you get to be the hero!

Antarctic Research Vessel

Climb aboard and take the helm of a research vessel on its way to Antarctica.

The Campsite

Come on a camping trip in the Australian bush, complete with model campfire.

Bricks & Clicks

Build your own mini world with thousands of LEGO® bricks.

Crawlers’ Beach

A safe-haven of sensory discovery for children two and under with its own jetty.

The Cave

Grab a torch and explore the tunnels and nooks. You may even spot some of the cave’s inhabitants.


Gear up with a hi-vis vest and tool belt, we’re looking for builders who are ready to help construct our tiny home.


Take a trolley for a spin and collect your shopping before you start cooking in our Critter Café.

Critter Cafe

The kitchen is prepped and ready for young (and old!) chefs to take orders, make and serve the next Michelin star meal!


Unleash your creativity and be inspired to paint, draw, write and sculpt with daily art activities.

Lights, Sound, Action

The stage is yours! Express yourself with costumes, backdrops and lighting.

Discovery Garden

Step outside and explore our natural wonderland – an oasis that will excite all your senses.


All aboard the Critter Express! Shovel coal to fuel the engine or control a model train around its miniature world.

Puzzle Room

Step inside a room filled with big blue blocks to build, create and innovate!

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