october, 2023

30octAll Day26nov"Of Water" Discovery Space and Bundanon Collaboration(All Day) Type:EventEntry:Free after entry

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creARTivity | 30 October to 26 November

Dive into an interactive art experience that’s as limitless as the ocean itself! Join us on a creative journey that’s perfect for children and adults of all ages. The best part? The duration is entirely up to you and your little ones!

Get ready to unleash your artistic talents with a variety of water-based art materials, including watercolor paper, paintbrushes, watercolor blocks, crayons, markers, oil pastels, and more. Plus, we’ve got an array of tools like spray bottles, pipettes, and sponges to spark your imagination.

But before you start creating, embark on a water-themed adventure within the Discovery Space. Our prompt cards will guide your family to explore different water-related attractions throughout our space, from mesmerizing water bubble tubes to the calming rain tank in the Circle Garden.

Engage in meaningful conversations with your child as you discover these water wonders together. Encourage them to share their experiences and thoughts using open-ended questions.

Then comes the big question: “How does water move?” Let your child’s creativity flow as they represent their observations through art. They can choose from various water-soluble mediums to draw lines that capture the essence of water in motion.

With a sponge, mister, and pipette, dampen the paper and let the artistry begin. Your child’s masterpiece will come to life on the other page, creating a unique monoprint.

Once their artwork is dry, take it home and continue to build upon it as your child encounters water in their community. This art experience bridges the gap between discovery and creativity, fostering a lifelong love for the wonders of water.

On Country Art Making | 8 November & 10 November @ 10am

Join us for a 1-hour immersive experience that’s perfect for children and adults alike. Get ready to unleash your inner artist with a range of art materials, including watercolor paper, paintbrushes, watercolor blocks, and essential tools like water and spray bottles.

Here’s what the adventure entails:

Children and their adults will embark on a community walk led by our educators on the University of Wollongong Campus. Together, we’ll observe water in our environment, discovering its beauty in various forms:

  • Exploring serene creeks behind buildings.
  • Marveling at the tranquil ponds scattered across campus.
  • Crossing bridges over peaceful waterways.

Throughout the walk, we’ll encourage families to reflect on their observations and engage in a lively discussion. Parents and children alike will have the opportunity to share where they’ve spotted water during their exploration.

Then comes the big question: “How is the water you observed moving?” We’ll invite children and their adults to express their insights through the magic of watercolor paints, creating vibrant artworks that capture the essence of water in motion.Armed with spray bottles to dampen the paper, children and adults will use watercolor blocks and fine brushes to bring their water experiences to life. It’s an artistic journey inspired by nature itself.

But the adventure doesn’t end here! We’ll encourage families to take this newfound perspective on water and repeat the experience within their own community when observing water. It’s a beautiful way to bridge learning from our space to your home.

Community Collaboration Artwork | 22 November @ 10am

Discover the joy of communal art-making during this 1-hour creative adventure. 

Here’s what’s in store:

Children and their adults are invited to creARtivity for a unique communal art-making experience, centered around creating a large-scale communal artwork. As you begin, ponder the water experiences you’ve encountered throughout October. Reflect on your adventures in The Pod, the Discovery Space water sources, and the community walk. 

Now, the big question: “How does water move?” We invite children and their adults to use the pipettes and coloured water washes available to record how they have seen water move!

With brushes in hand, children and their adults will be encouraged to make marks representing their water experiences. These individual panels will then contribute to our communal artwork. 

But the creativity doesn’t end here! Families will be given a chromatography sheet to replicate this experience within the home learning environment, exploring the effect of liquids on the absorbent paper. It’s a fantastic way to continue the artistic journey and celebrate the wonders of water art.

Join us for this unforgettable adventure into the world of water-inspired communal art at Early Start Discovery Space!



October 30 (Monday) - November 26 (Sunday)


Early Start Discovery Space

Suggested Ages

Children Birth to 10