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Discovery to You are 30 minute one-on-one online educational workshops designed for children 4 years and up, delivered via Zoom by our Educators direct to your home.

We first launched Discovery to You directly to members during lockdown as a way to engage with children, and provide families with some respite. Our first release booked out in the first hour! Since then we have engaged with 465 children in 81 different suburbs.

Discovery to You sessions are now open to everyone!

FREE with your Creative Kids Voucher! Purchase before 31 December!
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  1. Rainbow Race
    Rainbows are magical, colourful and always make you smile. Join us as we explore colour, while participating in a reading of a colourful story. Then turn on your mathematical mind as you make predictions, see patterns and explore chance in the rainbow race.
    Suitable for ages 4.5yrs and above, this program will have children critically thinking, evaluating and drawing conclusions to solve problems.
    Materials Needed: None
  2. Gingerbread Man
    Manipulate and develop fine motor skills as you mould and shape the characters of the classic story of The Gingerbread Man, using play dough.Suitable for all ages this program will have children exploring narratives, characters and sequencing of events, while also developing clay techniques such as rolling and shaping. 
    Materials Needed: Playdough or clay, some cutters and a rolling pin
  3. LEGO Masters
    Do you like building and LOVE playing with LEGO®​ bricks? Get six different coloured bricks together and join us to take turns giving and receiving instructions to complete different challenges and builds.
    Suitable for children 4yrs and above this program will have children engaged in communication, problem solving and manipulation of bricks. 
    Materials Needed: 6 pieces of LEGO or Duplo (preferably 4×2 studs), and any other LEGO you want on standby for extra building.
  4. Beep Bop Beep Robotics
    Come with your robot dance moves and your best inventions ready to have some robotic fun. This program in an introduction to coding, using Cubetto, the dancing robot. Children will also have opportunity to invent their own robot.
    This program is suitable for 4yrs and above and will develop children’s curiosity while they explore digital systems and how instructions are used to control devices.
    Materials Needed: Craft materials including a straw, string and cardboard.

  5. Pirates Ahoy!
    Ahoy there me hearties!! Join the virtual pirate ship as we read a pirate tale, play a pirate game and create your own pirate flag or treasure map.
    Suitable for all ages, this program will develop children’s curiosity and imagination while also developing their creative side as they create their own flag (or map) finding ways to represent themselves in an art form.
    Materials needed: Plain paper, pencil, crayons, and a tea bag (if available).

  6. All Things Puppets
    Join us for an interactive story using puppets, before learning the basics of puppetry and storytelling. Create your own paper bag puppet to retell your story at home.
    Suitable for all ages, children will explore concept of voice and character while also exploring their creative side when designing their own puppet.
    Materials needed: A puppet or two. Paper bag, craft materials (textas, pipe cleaners, glue and collage)

  7. Time to make noises
    Come join us to play and perform as we read Nick Bland’s The Very Noisy Bear.  Suitable for all ages, children will experiment with music, creating and organising sound in simple structures, while also designing their very own instrument.
    Materials Needed: 3-4 bits and pieces from your household (think recycled materials, pots, pans, or whatever you have lying around that will make some good sounds

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