School Holiday Discovery to You Workshops available Tuesday 21 September- Thursday 30 September 2021, running Tuesdays -Thursdays.

Workshops include LEGO Robots, Superhero School, Tin Forest, Wild Thing and Polk-a-dot Party! All sessions are 30 minutes duration and $12.50 each. Don’t forget if you want to catch up with your friends you can add a second household link for $7.50 and invite them along to join the fun!

FREE School Holiday ‘OUR WORLD’ LIVE SHOWS available Monday 20 September and Monday 27 September 2021 at 12:00pm and 1:00pm!
Our world explores the four main components of the Earth’s surface: Air, Land, Sea and Life. Come participate and explore scientific concepts and experiments using everyday items that you have at home!

FREE Discovery Challenges. Check out our daily Discovery Challenges. Try and complete them all!

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  1. Lego Robots
    Calling all inventors! Join us for a story and share your dance moves as we play around with all things robots.  We’re taking a trip to outer space and need a robot to explore a new planet. Can you build a robot from Lego?
    Ages: 4+
    Materials: Paper, pencils and Lego bricks
  2. Superhero School
    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a superhero! Come along to Superhero School where you’ll learn how to move like a superhero and then have the choice of either creating a super disguise or making your own flying superhero. The choice is yours super friends!
    Ages: 3+
    Materials: Paper, pencils, scissor, straws and masking tape
  3. Tin Forrest
    It’s time to turn your rubbish into something new! We’re creating our very own forests inspired by the story Tin Forrest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson.  Learn about the importance of looking after our environment and get those creative juices flowing in this shiny and creative project.
    Age: 4+
    Materials: paper, pencils, scissors, glue, masking tape, aluminium foil, small box and recyclables (cardboard tubes, paddle pop sticks, tin cans and plastic caps)
  4. Wild Thing
    Are you a wild thing? Can you show me your terrible teeth and terrible claws? ROAR!  Join us as we read along to Maurice Sendak’s classic, ‘Where the wild things are’, followed by making our very own wild thing.
    Age: 3+
    Materials: Paper, pencils, scissors, glue and craft materials (wool, crepe or coloured paper, patty pans)
  5. Polk-a-dot Party!
    Put a spot over here and a spot over there – dots are going everywhere. Join us on a colourful adventure through story and art. We’ll explore the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kasuma and use their art as inspiration for our own work of art.
    Age:  2+
    Materials: crayons, pencils, textas and paper

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