School Holiday Fun Challenges

Have fun, get creative and have the chance for your amazing work to be featured on our social channels. Send in your completed work via email [email protected] or share a photo/video on Instagram and tag us @uowdiscoveryspace. 

Good luck! Your challenge starts…. NOW!


  1. Monday 20 September Illustrate me!
    Watch the ‘Dear Zoo’ book reading. Can you redesign the cover of ‘Dear Zoo’ by choosing an animal, but keeping some parts hidden?

  2. Tuesday 21 September ARCHitecture!
    Challenge: Design and draw a two storey house that has at least two arches!

  3. Wednesday 22 September Natural Symmetry!
    Challenge: Watch Emily creating Mandalas. Create a symmetrical pattern using natural materials from where you live!

  4. Thursday 23 September Jump Off!
    Challenge: Design your own obstacle course in a space where you live with different movement skills like jumping, throwing, skipping and kicking!

  5. Friday 24 September – Succulent Gardens!
    Challenge: Watch the succulent garden video. Create your own or take a photo/video of your favourite garden or plant at your home.


  1. Monday 27 September Don’t judge a book by its cover
    Challenge: Describe to us a book you’ve read, without showing us the cover OR telling us the title! 

  2. Tuesday 28 September Mark Making
    Challenge: Create an artwork by applying paint to natural materials and pressing them down on paper. How many different marks can your create with the one natural material?

  3. Wednesday 29 September  – Bored…game?
    Challenge: Feeling bored? Design your own board game to play with the people you live with! What is the aim of the game? How do you win? 

  4. Thursday 30 September Sort it out!  
    Challenge: Can you collect a group of objects from outside and sort them into different groups? It could be leaves, rocks or sticks! Check out this video to help you out.

  5. Friday 1 October Snack Attack! 
    Can you create a piece of edible art using healthy snack foods, like fruits and vegetables? 

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Research = Experiences

Play is one of the most powerful ways to learn. That’s why all our experiences are informed by early childhood researchers from UOW.

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