How many children can I bring?

Excursions have a minimum of 15 students (Early Childhood) or 20 students (Primary school) and a maximum of 75 children.
Incursions have a maximum of 30 per group/class, but we can accommodate many groups/classes throughout the day.
If your numbers are outside of this, please email [email protected] for alternative options.

How much does it cost?

Our Guided Excursion rate is $15.00/student and our Self-guided Excursion rate is $10.00/student

Incursions vary depending on location and time:
Half-Day Incursion (within 30 minutes from UOW) $450.00
Half-Day Incursion (between 30 – 60 minutes from UOW) $775.00
Full-Day Incursion (within 30 minutes from UOW) $650.00
Full-Day Incursion (between 30 – 60 minutes from UOW) $1000.00
Get in touch for distances over 60 minutes – We can still come to you!

*All children must be paid for irrespective of being a member. Membership privileges to do not apply to any school excursion held within the Discovery Space.


How will we spend our time in the Discovery Space?

For ease and movement around the Discovery Space, your students will be split into smaller groups to explore the Early Start Discovery Space experiences across two (2) hours. We will provide maps and we ask that you follow our visit schedule to ensure you get to see all the Experiences and do not overload one area for our other members and guests visiting and using the Discovery Space too.

We have two available timeslots for groups with the following visit schedule:
Note, that if you have chosen a Guided Excursion, your Experience Lesson will go for approx. 40minutes of your two-hour visit.

9:30am                     Arrival and briefing
9:30am – 11:30am   Play time in Discovery Space
11:30am                   Departure

Option 2:
12:00pm                   Arrival and briefing
12:00pm – 2:00pm   Play time in Discovery Space
2:00pm                     Departure

  • This time does not include any lunch/recess break


We’ve booked a guided tour, how does this work?

During your two (2) hour visit, 40 minutes will be with one of our educators who will lead each group through activities related to the experiences with links to the NSW Syllabus or EYLF.
Educators will be provided with maps and schedules so students spend the remaining time rotating around all of our other experiences.

Do you cater for children with special needs?

Yes. All our experiences have been designed to be accessible by all (including wheelchair accessibility). We also have options for visiting in quieter hours if overstimulation or sensory needs are required, contact us at [email protected]

Do parents/teachers have to pay?

Accompanying adults with a school group are free of charge. Please ensure you bring sufficient adults to make at least our required 1:8 ratio (or more if your school/centre requires it) or you may be refused entry.

Please note that for any non-school group excursion, that a ratio of 1 adult for every 2 children are free. Any adults over this will incur a fee of $7.50 each.


How do we pay for the excursion?

  1. Invoiced: after the date of your excursion we will get an invoice prepared and sent to you with the final numbers of who attended on the day
  2. Pay via Eftpos on the day once final numbers are confirmed



What happens if I need to cancel my excursion?

If you are unable to attend the requested date, we ask you to advise us within 5 working days, and we can reschedule your visit. 


Do you have a risk assessment?

To assist you in planning your own risk assessment, please see our venue and safety information


What will the students do with their bags?

We have trolleys for student to store their bags in and free lockers available for adults to store belongings if required.


Do you have a gift shop that the children can buy from?

The Discovery Space Gift Shop is available for children to purchase any reminders of their experience, or for educators to purchase resources if you wish.
This will not be included in the schedule and will need to be managed by educators.

Please note the Gift Shop trading hours differ. See here for current details.


Do you provide lunch?

We do not provide lunch but do have an onsite café, The Ugly Duckling where you can purchase food (for large groups, we recommend pre-ordering ahead).
The cafe is run independently of the Discovery Space. You can contact the cafe on 4226 4226 or on their Facebook page.

Please note if purchasing coffee, is to be consumed outside in our gardens and is not permitted inside the Discovery Space.
We advise students to bring their own lunch, lunch can be eaten in our gardens, or anywhere on the University of Wollongong campus or the beautiful Botanic Gardens situated nearby.


How do I get to the Early Start Discovery Space?

Information on getting here (including the appropriate bus entrance), can be found on our Getting Here page.
Please arrive on time.  If you are running late please call (02) 4221 3777.


Are there any requirements to enter the Discovery Space?

Our venue requires a ratio of 1 teacher/caregiver to 8 children.
Please also ensure the ratio of teachers/caregivers approved by your principal or centre director for your excursion.
Our conditions of entry, commitments and expectations can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

It is the responsibility of the co-ordinating teacher to ensure:

  • All children and accompanying teachers are briefed on the conditions of entry, and expectations and commitments.
  • Principals and centre directors conduct their own excursion risk assessments.

By requesting an excursion you warrant that your principal or centre director has received appropriate consents from the parent or guardian of participating students for their child’s participation in the Early Start Discovery Space (Discovery Space) activities including the recording and disclosing of personal information for Discovery Space purposes. Any photographs and video taken by children or teachers/carers should be for personal use only. Please respect the privacy of other visitors when taking photographs or video.


I have a question not listed here

We’re here to help. If you have any questions or changes to your Excursion/Incursion, please call our Education Team on 02 4221 3777 or email [email protected]